Minutes of the Isle of wedmore Golf Club

Members Committee Meeting 

Held in the Clubhouse on: Thursday 25th January 2024

Previous Minutes
The Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday, 25th January, 2024 were approved and signed by Club Captain Dave

Management Report
Having spoken to Emma (18.01.24) there is nothing to report this month, all is quiet.

Captain’s Report
The heavy incessant rain continued for most of December and into the first week of January resulting in course
closures. This has been the same for most clubs in the region, even those clubs that rarely close have been
significantly affected. As I write this, we have now had four dry days with more to come resulting in us being able to
play golf again albeit in much colder temperatures.
The green staff have been doing their best to present the course in as good a condition as possible but soft ground
has meant they are not able to use much of the equipment they normally use for maintenance. Please be
understanding when you see them out on the course as they try to catch up with the maintenance schedule.

Management, Captains, and Vice Captains Meeting
In early December we held our quarterly meeting between management, captains, and vice captains. Various
items were discussed including bunkers, mud on paths, Verti-drain, flags and pin placement and club
competitions being entered in IG and the status of the clock on the 18th. It was a good-natured meeting and quite
informative for all involved.

We received around 180 responses to the survey which was a better-than-expected result. Four members of the
committee met on 9th January to review the responses, but we have already made some changes such as opening
competitions earlier; instructions on the use of IG; creating some team competitions; publicising competitions that
are available for sign up; all of which were requested in survey responses. Some will have noticed that the green
staff have even managed to get the clock overlooking the 18th working again. We hope to communicate results and
possible outcomes to members soon.

It is a relief to be able to get out on the course again, let’s hope that the rest of the winter is kind to us and allows us
to get plenty of golf in.

Treasurer’s Report
Net Club funds stand at £4017.37 which is £118.50 down on the balance reported at the AGM as we have paid for
some engraving and the new captains tankard.
The Hole in One Club balance has increased by £6 as we had 2 new participants, the number of members now
stands at 73.
There were some ins and outs for the Captains Away weekend as some people dropped out but were replaced.
Thursday, 25th January 2024
The Captains charity account has £235 in it, which is made up of £135 from the Captains drive in, £40 from the
Seniors Xmas Lunch raffle and £60 from the Bar Box following the December quiz.
25/01/2024 – At the committee meeting Mike updated that an additional £63.05 has been received.

Senior Captain’s Report
I have very little to report on the golf played in the Seniors section. Inclement weather has resulted in some
cancellations since taking office, with the Christmas Turkey Trot now rearranged near Easter.
Delays in Winter Knockout competitions has resulted in extensions to completion dates; we are now approximately
2 weeks behind schedule and one week late commencing the Plate competition.
Please note that as well as Lucas Kirk and Clive Warren-Smith organising senior competitions, David Sellers, Steve
Major, and Kevin Vaux are also responsible for certain events.
The rearranged Triangular match on 27th May is not in the diary, has this revised date been agreed with the office.
Ladies Captains Report - Nothing to report this month.

Handicap Secretaries Report
WHS/Handicapping information for members
I have asked Emma whether we can have a dedicated Handicapping page on the IG website. It would be a place
where all IOW specific and WHS general information could be placed. Updates that need communicating to
members could be placed there and a link/reference made to it, perhaps, within the Captain’s Newsletters. This
would mean we can add much more information without the need to issue multiple member emails.
Quick implementation would mean we could roll out the April 2024 WHS change communications via this method.
I know it is possible for new, dedicated webpages to easily be created – but need Emma to show me how content
will appear so we can build content logically.
Course Handicap tables – sign by first tee.
One of the major changes in April is to CH’s from all tee sets. This means new tables will have to be displayed. Club
management are deciding whether to update the existing board by the first tee – or whether to make do with
paper/laminated tables displayed on various noticeboards.
The board may not be updated until after September when all tee sets are rerated by the SGU course ratings team.
Club management are asking whether the committee would consider paying for the board update? I will bring
confirmation of the likely cost to the meeting.

Competitions Organiser Report
Russell - Can I ask, are the meetings going to be at 5pm going forward, as a worker this would be difficult for me but
not impossible.
Meetings are normally timed to coincide with club opening times so 17:00 during winter months and 19:00 after the
clocks change. I appreciate this can be difficult for those who work so just do what you can. They normally last
around 90 so happy for you to come in halfway through if necessary. DB

Just some notes in readiness for the meeting, not sure if as competition Secretary I have to do a report!
Thanks for the notes. The competition secretary does normally do a report if there is anything that needs raising, or
to update us on any issues with competitions. What you have noted is perfect, nothing to report is equally good
when appropriate. DB

I have met with Kevin and set up some competitions on IG but they are not open. Not sure if Dave B can see these
and comment if he is happy.

I have also set up the Club Championship again not open yet!

I have tried to set up the King Alfred Cup but will have to talk to Kevin on this as I am getting an error message about
tee times.

Having set up the AvBvCvSeniors, I have now had a suggestion from Dave Skelton that the captains put the game
on IG, as they would for any Avalon Match team members could indicate their availability in the normal manner?
Seems sensible to me but I am just here to serve!

For the Avalon team challenge (AvBvCvSeniors) you will need to talk to the pro-shop to block out the tee times
before the shot gun start so that there will be no players out before us (this needs to be done for all shotgun starts,
whilst you can book the shot gun tee times, you can’t block out tees prior to the shotgun). I note that you have set it
up as 85% of handicap whereas the Competitions spreadsheet shows it as 90% of handicap which would be
normal for pairs matchplay. Getting the team captains to sort out the availability of their team’s availability on IG
does make sense, the captains can then be responsible for advising us of who is playing so that we can enter their
details accordingly. There was some confusion last year as to which team people had signed up for. DB

Whilst talking with Kev, there seems to be some debate about 5 Day members being able to enter some of the
competitions under Rule 4 of the Competition Entry Rules. Could they not be allowed to enter on the basis the if
needed to play at the weekend they pay a green fee? I believe this may have been suggested to Kev previously!
5-day members has come up before and the committee agreed that it was not practicable for several reasons such
as keeping track whether they had paid the additional fee as it was not automatic in ig. DB

A question for committee, the entry fees for competitions do not appear to have increased for several years, not
suggesting we raise entry fees now, but should we be considering it for maybe next year?
Entry fees were raised as a question on the recent survey. The overall view from responses was that the entry fees
were about right, it seems that most don’t enter for the chance of big prizes. DB

Mixed competitions, to date ladies have received equalising shots, am I right in my understanding of Martin’s mail
of 18.11.23 that after the 1st April 2024, equalising shots will not be needed. Not sure if I am reading more into it
than there is?

Martin Olive has responded. DB

Kevin has advised me I am responsible for keeping records of all competitions, I have a central file, who should I
liaise with for ladies and seniors please?
Janet Robson organises the ladies comps whilst Lucas Kirk and Clive Warren-Smith organise the seniors comps.

Junior Organisers Report

A very quiet time for junior golf with Christmas and bad weather at weekends along with the challenge of other
sports. Some of the work that is ongoing.
o A series of junior playing days out are now underway, January 21st was the first of these with dates in Feb
and March coming up.
o Only two of the junior members are engaging with this.
o Many of the older juniors have gone elsewhere due to coaching (or lack of) and not engaging.
o Others playing with parents and have a desire for coaching.
o I shall email all junior members and parents again in March with dates once a month from April onwards.
o Invite to engaged junior members to come out in summer club competition.
o Meetings with Liam to keep pushing for a plan for junior lessons.
o Original plan was every 3 weeks!! I kept pushing.
o With new pro coming in looking like 3 a month but only from April to October.
o I have offered to take the Golf Leaders course if club are willing to cover cost (feel that they should cover
and not the membership as they will charge for sessions that I shall take to support professionals). Liam is
exploring with the office.
o Also, have asked Liam if in summer club would consider emulating Burnham and Berrow.
o Free range balls (one basket per time/ week)
o Reduced membership fee for under 18’s if they have a full member parent.
Questions I would like the committee to consider.
1) Jay James was working on policy around junior members on course in competition from a safeguarding
perspective. This is with team golf and Matchplay in mind.
a. Also, consider engagement and inclusion. Moved to Matters Arising
b. Should we allow (safeguarding means we should insist) that under 16s have a caddy/ responsible adult walking
with them during a round. Safeguarding of other adults as well as the child. Moved to Matters Arising

Upcoming Events and Competitions
Details regarding Avalon Team challenge on 9th March and revised Triangular match on 27th May discussed. Dates
for additional competitions discussed.

Course Conditions
Following a prolonged spell of heavy rain ending on Thursday 4th January the course is now starting to dry well.
Recent frosts have now ended, the fairways and greens are playing well.

Any Other Business – Answered below or moved to matters arising for future resolution
1. Is there a club policy in relation to members (2 Ladies -Full Mems) who have recently had operations (Nov
23) and therefore they will not be able to play golf for a number of months. Obviously this doesn’t affect
Exec`s but those with 7/5 day memberships will be penalised. (LB)
25.01.24 The Golf Committee as a whole, thought this unlikely, It was discussed that male and female
members look at their own personal golf insurance.
2. The awarding of Medals or glasses for the winners of monthly medals. (DB) 25.01.24 This suggestion is not
going forward.
3. Use of WhatsApp for committee communication (not to replace but aid emails) (MM)
25.01.24 Complete.
4. Set Data Retention period for any documents holding personal information. There is no set period. GDPR
requires us to justify the period we retain documents. I suggest 12 months is justifiable. (SD) Moved to
Matters Arising.
5. Potential Vice Captain for next year (MM) Moved to Matters Arising.
6. Upcoming Events and Competitions (DB) 29.01.24 Complete.
7. Is the Seniors Vice Captain a committee position. (MM) 25.01.24 No it is not.

8. Club Survey Meeting 09/01/2024
A. It was suggested that we could have 4 additional team competitions, 4-ball Bowmaker, 4-ball
shambles, Greensomes and 4-ball Texas scramble, dates to be decided but would be picked when
there are no team competitions planned or existing club competitions. The competitions would have a
2-hour slot to avoid blocking out the tee times too much, suggest 09:00 -11:00.

Suggested dates not affecting roll up:
Sunday 5th May
Sunday 30th June
Sunday 22nd September
Sunday 6th October
Suggested dates affecting roll up:
Saturday 12th October.
Moved to Matters Arising

B. It was suggested that current Medal and Stablefords would be set up with extended entry times in the
same way as the mid-week Stableford and Sunday Medals. Tee times would be reserved in the usual
manner and times (08:00-12:30 for Stableford and 08:00-11:00 for medal), but players could also enter
on the day, through the pro shop, if a tee time is available. The last entry time would be such that the
player could finish their round and enter score and card in clubhouse. DB to check clubhouse closure
Moved to Matters Arising

C. The committee would consider one month where, instead of divisions the competition would be
played off white and yellow tees; lower handicaps would play off white tees and higher handicaps off
yellow tees. Committee to decide what handicap should be the cut.

D. Divisions for competitions will be balanced based on number of people in each division. Email would
be sent the day before and IG updated to reflect the divisions so that all players will know what division
they are in before the competition starts.

E. The requirement for 6 WHS rounds to enter a competition remains. There will be more competitions
and extended tee times, in addition to general play rounds, which means that it will be much easier to
complete 6 WHS rounds.
Moved to Matters Arising

F. Members will be reminded that General Play rounds submitted count towards the 6 WHS rounds.
Moved to Matters Arising
The Meeting closed at 18.50
Signed: Dated: 19 February 2024