The Golf Clubs diligent Handicap Committee have compiled the following information to aid members with the new WHS Rules which come into effect from 1st April, together with other important information applicable to Isle of Wedmore members.

Please click on the following links to read more:

The 1st April 2024 WHS rules updates in a nutshell

Rules of Handicapping - player reference guide

Minimum Acceptable Score Competition Criteria

Player and Committee Handicap Responsibilities


Course Handicap Tables from 1st April 2024

 Men's Yellow - Men's Yellow Front 9 - Men's Yellow Back 9

 Men's White - Men's White Front 9 -  Men's White Back 9

 Women's Red - Women's Red Front 9 - Women's Red Back 9

 Men's Blue - Men's Blue Front 9 - Men's Blue Back 9