Safety Policy

Paying your membership, green fees and signing in indicates that you have read and understand this Safety policy.

Signing In
Members and visitors must sign in and read this Safety Policy before commencing play.

First Aid
If a member or visitor becomes unwell or has an accident, contact the Pro-Shop 01934 712452 the Club Office 01934 712222, or make contact with a Green Keeper, where a qualified First Aider will attend. The club has a defibrillator; this is only used by qualified staff.

Snow and Ice
A path from the speed bump in the car park to the Pro-Shop and Clubhouse entrances will be gritted. Car parks, main drive and the golf course cannot be treated, so members and visitors using the facility in these conditions to so at their own risk. extreme care should be taken.

In foggy conditions the course will be closed if you cannot see the pin on the 8th green while standing outside the Pro-Shop entrance. If fog comes down while play is in progress a Klaxon will be sounded. This indicates play must stop.

In the case of an electrical storm, a Klaxon will be sounded. This indicates that you must leave the course immediately.


  • When ground conditions are wet, caution should be taken on all areas of the golf course especially on greens and tee banks and all parts of the 12th hole.
  • Always use pathways that are provided, especially on the 12th hole.
  • Green Keeping Staff have priority on all areas of the course. Please keep well clear of mowing, course maintenance and construction equipment.
  • Golf balls can be very dangerous, be aware of yourself and other golfers on all areas of the Golf Course.
  • If you lose sight of your ball, or your ball is travelling towards any other Golfer or member of the public, you must shout FORE.
  • Be aware particulary in the summer of cracks and shrinkage holes on all area of the Golf Course.
  • Be aware that holes from burrowing animals can appear on all areas of the Golf Course, please report any.
  • Any breakages and malfunctions of course furniture and equipment should be reported immediately. Do not try and rectify faults yourself.
  • Keep clear of, and do not touch, any hydrant boxes and drain covers as these contain high pressure water valves and electrical equipment that can cause injury.